Animguru believes that high-quality animation are coming from the dedication and creativity of numerous talented individuals!

Talented Individuals

Animguru has gathered outstanding talents from the animation industry. Each member of the artists has years of animation experience and a portfolio of excellent animation works. They have also produced animations with diverse styles for major film companies, capable of handling various animation styles and understanding the essence of excellent animation. Animguru Animation Director, Ray, has over 15 years of animation production experience and previously served as a senior animator at Blizzard Entertainment for nine years. Under Ray's leadership, Animguru is committed to building a leading animation team and company in Asia, aiming to bring more interesting, high-quality, and diverse animation works to the region.

High-Quality Animation

Animguru aims to provide exquisite animation, with a focus on pursuing excellent quality as its core. Collaborating with world-renowned gaming and film companies, Animguru ensures full control over and production of character animation performances, game cinematics, motion capture, and more. The Animguru team has successfully provided customized animation services for well-known projects both domestically and internationally, including film and television animation, games, CG advertising, multimedia animation production, and beyond.